We’re still growing…

Garden Isaiah was formed to provide fresh organic produce to those who are food insecure. The inspiration came from a moving presentation by Bill Bolling, the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Community Food Bank, during Yom Kippur services at Temple Emanu-El in 2004.

Garden Isaiah volunteers harvest food weekly, usually on Sunday mornings.   All food grown in the garden is delivered to the Community Assistance Center (CAC) food bank in Sandy Springs, where it is handed out to those in need who have been pre-qualified by their staff.  We measure success by keeping records of food harvests.  Over the last 11 years, we have donated over 4 tons of locally grown fresh food to the CAC, and our most recent year alone was nearly 1300 pounds.

In 2012 we expanded the garden to include six fruit trees, and in 2015, with the help of a local Boy Scout Troop, we added three additional produce beds and two beds dedicated to a pollinator garden.  Included in the pollinator garden are milkweed plants that will provide habitat for the Monarch butterfly, a species threatened with habitat loss.

Garden Isaiah is a designated fund at Temple Emanu-el.  The annual budget comes from donations that are specifically targeted to Garden Isaiah, and it takes several thousand dollars each year to keep the operation going.  Temple Emanu-El donates the land.  Contributions support the ongoing operation of the garden to purchase seeds, plantings, compost, fertilizer, and tools.

To make a tax deductible donation to the garden – CLICK HERE.

To volunteer at the garden – email Robert Wittenstein at robertlw@nullmindspring.com or Peggi Stone at peggistone1@nullgmail.com.