To all our wonderful volunteers who donated their time, efforts and wonderful contributions of good things to eat and drink last Sunday at the Mary Hall Freedom House:
A very big and grateful THANK YOU!

Thank you, also, for the crafts and books that will be donated to their library for the moms and children to enjoy.
And a very special thank you to Libby for taking on the leadership role that made our visit such a success!

Gerri and Ann

 Caring Committee members –
THANK YOU! Our evening with the women at Mary Hall Freedom House was a huge success. So many of you contributed food and/or your time to make it happen.
I heard so many comments from the women, several of whom said it’s the best and most healthy meal they have had in a LONG time. See below for a few pictures.
I’m sending my heartfelt thanks to those of you who made it happen!


 The Caring Committee Needs You!

Please contact the Caring Committee Co-Chairs Ann Fine at 770-457-2786, or Gerri Penn at 770-457-2474,

 Shimon [the son of Rabban Gamliel] says:

It is not what one says, but rather what one does,
that makes all the difference in the world.
 The Caring Committee serves all of our congregants in times of joy, illness and loss.  We currently need volunteers for Substitute Callers and Food Deliverers.  Substitute callers fill in for our regular callers in making contact with our congregants for Life Cycle events.  Food Deliverers purchase meals or trays for our congregants, deliver the food, and get reimbursed by Temple.
Please volunteer to be a part of our Caring Committee family.  You can make a difference!

Caring Committee’s Visiting Committee  

The Caring Committee would like to reinstitute our Visiting Committee.  We could make visits to congregants’ homes, rehab centers, and senior living residences.  The visits would be for those who are ill, housebound, or want visits in a senior residence.  We need to have someone volunteer to Chair this and would work closely with Ann Fine and Gerri Penn as well as our clergy and staff.  We will also need volunteers for this committee to make the visits.  Visits can also be phone visits.

“Love your fellow as yourself,” This commandment, said the great Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva, is a most basic principle in the Torah. Reaching out to your fellow with patience, love, concern and unity is among the greatest mitzvot we can do.


Joanne EisslerMy name is Joanne Eissler and I joined Temple Emanu-El in 1993.  I moved to the Atlanta area from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992.  I knew that I wanted to be involved in a Synagogue and a Jewish community.  Joining Temple Emanu-El has been one of the best decisions I have made.

I retired last year with 30 years working for the Federal Government service.  All my service was around the country, starting in Washington, D.C., moving to San Francisco, CA and then on to Atlanta, all involving a different agency.  My last 13 years of service was with the Centers for Disease Control where I was an Administrative Assistant.

After a few years of thinking about joining the Caring Committee, I chatted with a member at an Oneg Shabbat one Friday evening.  She was explaining all that the Committee does and what a blessing it is.  A few days later I received a call from Ann Fine and that is how I became a member in 1997.

When I make my phone calls on a Friday afternoon to a congregant that is in need due to a death, surgery or a birth, I hear the congregant say thank you and how appreciative they are of the call.  This makes me feel good that I am able to make a difference and I always feel rewarded after I complete the phone call.


Dear Members of the Caring Committee,

The call from clergy… dayenu

The calls from committee members… dayenu

Food during my recuperation… dayenu

Contemporary Jewish Fiction… dayenu

Thank you so much for everything.   The book was an unexpected treat.  I appreciate all your “acts of loving kindness”.

Most Sincerely, Susie Davidow

e41570d7-5fbe-4250-8a20-7fc915d084e7My name is Judy Rich and I am a volunteer for the Caring Committee at Temple Emanu-El. I have been doing this for almost 12 years; serving in this capacity has been very rewarding. It is an easy and gratifying way to donate my time and to know that by reaching out to those in need of support, I can make a difference. I also help deliver food when needed. This includes contributing to a shiva meal or taking a dinner to someone who has been ill if requested.

 These simple tasks are greatly appreciated by our members. It is a special feeling to know that as a congregation, we care for and about what is happening to all of our congregants.

Libby Pollock photo_Croatia Libby Pollock has been a member of Temple Emanu-El since 2003 and has volunteered on our Caring Committee for almost ten years. She is our “Thursday caller” – she calls on our congregants experiencing life events if they are reported to the Office on a Thursday.

Libby relishes her role on the Caring Committee, as it makes her feel more connected to her Temple community. She shared that “connecting with fellow congregants during their time of need and being able to offer them the support of our Caring Committee has been very rewarding over the years.”

Libby and her husband, Jeff, live in Dunwoody with their kids, Laura (8) and Adam (5). Libby and Jeff love to travel and recently returned from a two-week adventure in Croatia. Libby works for Assurant, an insurance and financial services company, where she serves as Vice President of Transformational Change. She is responsible for ensuring that her company’s employees are prepared as the organization undergoes significant strategic business transformation.

Libby is an Indiana University alum. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Jeannette Rankin Fund, an organization that has changed the lives of hundreds of women in poverty 35 and up by providing them with college scholarships.