Life Long Learning

Diamond Family Religious School

Welcome to the Diamond Family Religious School at Temple Emanu-El.

The Diamond Family Religious School offers a varied program of Jewish culture through music, art and storytelling, which are critical to the education of our children. This year we are expanding our music program so that not only will our youngest students have the opportunity to sing the songs that have bound our people together for generations, but we will hear the voices of our children through sixth grade.

Walking through our hallways on Sunday mornings is always a joy, from hearing the Alef-Bet song from our primary Hebrew program to the discussions of our older students led by experienced teachers. One can feel the joy of learning and love of our precious heritage being transmitted.

Temple Emanu-El has been very fortunate to have a consistent faculty and many of our wonderful teachers are returning. Our Hebrew faculty members all teach at our local Jewish Day Schools and are certified educators with many years of experience.

Eighth graders will continue to learn as they begin their post b’nai mitzvot education. New to Sunday mornings will be the return of the ninth and tenth grade program. Many of these students will continue to be part of our madrichim corps, but all will have the opportunity of studying with either Rabbi Colbert or with Rabbi Prass. Our eleventh and twelfth graders will return for a monthly lunch with one of the rabbis.

Again, we will offer our students in third through seventh grades the opportunity to choose electives such as Jewish Comics, Jewish Cooking, Junior Choir, Conversational Hebrew and many other exciting topics in our wonderful Chug program during the last forty-five minutes of school on Sunday mornings.
For more information, please contact Rabbi Scott Colbert,

Thank you for your interest in the Diamond Family Religious School.